Our In-Company Programs Are About Creating A Heartful Workplace

Heartful Self

Transformation begins with self. This program is about connecting to your inner anchor and awakening your inner potential..

Heartful Teams

As a Heartfulness Champion, you are now ready to expand your sphere of influence by deepening the bond with others and creating hi-performance  teams.

Heartful Organisation

An organization is a collection of individuals and teams. Once a critical mass of heartful people connecting with the higher purpose of the organization and living the spirit of contributor ship is established, significant changes become visible at an enterprise level.

 “ I yearn to ignite every person Out of the Cosmic Spirit That he may become a Flame And fiery unfold His Innermost Being . “
Rudolf Steiner

Thus, Heartfulness is an inner journey that helps you to connect with your internal anchor and fully explore your potential to expand beyond the limitations of mind and tap into the power of the heart thus creating an all-encompassing shared vision, passion and commitment to your team. This journey is designed to transform your organization into a more productive and happier workplace and your teams to be more engaged.