Consciousness is the state or quality of awareness, or, of being aware of an external object or something within oneself. How you think, what you feel, how you perceive the objects around you is consciousness. For hundreds of years our ability to analyze, classify, differentiate, understand, practice and manufacture have helped both our survival and growth. Our brain, therefore, is an important component and it has brought in a strong logic based consciousness.With technological advances, material progress and better standards of living, came a lot of stress, competition, loneliness, frustration, uncertainty, & fear.

What remedy do we have for that?  Research in medical sciences and quantum physics have led to interesting discoveries that spirituality, philosophy and literature were already pointing towards. The discoveries are related to our heart. Our heart starts beating before our brain is fully developed. This heart has a “brain” of its own. The perceptions, feelings and awareness that is informed by the heart is called as heart consciousness.

Logic/ brain consciousness is about evaluation, judgment, analysis, performance, hierarchy and reasoning. Heart consciousness is about trust, courage, love, contributorship, collaboration and intuition. Heart consciousness brings joy, love and courage for individuals, collaboration, trust and supportiveness in relationships and positive environment, enhanced teamwork and innovation for organizations.

Heart and the brain are partners in the relationship when we work with heart consciousness. We are at the edge of the world where heart consciousness is rising. It is a messenger of a beautiful time for humanity.

We, at MaitriBodh Corporate Services, believe in partnering with organizations to bring Heart Consciousness to the workplace by awakening the Spirit of Contributorship in employees. Our programs are designed to work on the Self, the Team and the Organization where people function from a place of inner well-being and are thus able to relate and connect with their co-workers, making themselves and the organization more effective.

 “Science of the Heart” – Research conducted by HeartMath Institute

Image Courtesy : Institute of Heartmath Research Institute

“I'm very happy to experience this inner peace and hope that many people as well as corporates find this path with MBCS.“- DorisNeubauer, (Enterpreneur, Germany)
“Your session was received very well and people are keen for a refresher... We also need to do this for a larger population. Thank you very much to you and your team for coming over and running the session for us.“- Ravi Kodukula, Executive Director (Learning & Development), J.P.Morgan
“This session really helped me to come closer to my team, understand their views completely and utilize my own as well as team’s true potential to the fullest.“- Mr. Shankar G. (AVP & Branch Head, AXIS Bank)
“The MBCS Seminar touched me deeply because I had the opportunity together with other attendees to experience my Inner Power which I would not have been able to explore on my own.“- K. Garschall, (Enterpreneur, Austria)